Portland, Oregon Interior Design Firm Vida Design


“We love what we do, and we’re having a great time doing it” says Sowieja…


To which our team would respond with…”isn’t that the truth!”


Vida consists of twelve interior designers, one architect, an office manager, two procurement specialists, a warehouse manager and a partridge in a pear tree. Okay, no partridge, but wow, is there a lot of us! Our team has more than doubled in the past year allowing us to foster additional professional partnerships, take on more projects, expand our business endeavors, travel more and continue furthering our Vida vision to our primarily multi-family clientele.



We don’t have any fun at all…KIDDING! Rooftop dancing for the WIN!




Vida Design Fills a Need Within the Multi-Family Housing Industry

Rachel’s design objective has always been focused on “life” within spaces, hence our company name “Vida”. Our goal is to compose beautiful, curated spaces for people to create memories in. This is just as important in multi-family spaces as it is for single family residences and when Rachel first founded Vida, she felt there was a specific need for this way of thinking and our signature modern eclectic and whimsical aesthetic within the commercial market.

So when Oregon Home approached Rachel to share her story, that’s exactly what Rachel set out to share.




Get to Know Vida’s Founder, Rachel Sowieja

Rachel-Sowieja-Interior-Designer-Portland-Oregon-Vida-DesignRachel first began working in the interior design industry back in 1999. For ten years she developed and honed her design and project management skills in the Pacific Northwest at several large architectural firms, eventually founding Vida Design in 2009. To read more about Rachel’s story, be sure to visit the Decor section on Oregon Home or by clicking here.




Vida Design Partners with American Assets on Portland’s Hassalo on Eighth

We were so pleased to spotlight one of our recently completed Portland projects in the Oregon Home article.

Velomor, one of the three multi-family buildings within the Hassalo on Eighth city block, was designed with a young demographic in mind. Our team responded to GBD‘s interiors selections by incorporating colorful and clean furnishings with a mid century undertone that really never goes out of style.

We used a number of local artists to create our furnishings and art pieces. The string art instillation in the main lobby above the colorful airport seating is made by local designers. And there’s a Polaroid photo piece with dozens of iconic Portland landmarks we thought was perfect for the kind of feel we were after in this building, says Sowieja.

At the end of the day, it was our goal to design a space that would cause people to say [and as our custom string installation illustrates} “there’s no place like home”…

Check out photos of the property below.


Velomor Apartments in Portland, Oregon





Multi-Family Model Units


Photography by Shelsi Lindquist


Thanks again to Oregon Home for sharing our Vida story!

Written by Nicole Copko

Nicole Copko