Rally Pizza—A Delicious Visit to a Spectacular Space!

Recently, one of our favorite designers had a chance to stop by one of our favorite projects in the PNW area—Rally Pizza. Owned by a culinary power duo—Alan and Shan opened the restaurant in 2016, and it has absolutely taken off—and for good reason. Fatou, her 3 adorable girls, and her husband visited the Vancouver restaurant for some yummy dinner, and of course—Rally's World Famous Concrete (an impossibly rich Midwestern treat—custard mixed with house baked goods... uhh... YUM!?) Check out some snaps below if you'd like to see some insane pizza, a beautiful space, and an adorable family.  

The beautiful dividing wall, separating the dining area and ordering area.

The beautiful feature family!

More detail shots of the rustic space.

Perfection arrives!

A sneaky hand!

The ONLY way to eat a slice of pizza.

A job well done.

Is this what heaven looks like?

The last slices!

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